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Why this new Microsoft is impressive

The last Microsoft event on October 6 showed a few surprises, let me explain you why this is impressive and why I think the new Nadella direction at MS is different. Iris Scanner, Liquid Cooling, Continuum... A new Surface 4 tablet with Liquid Cooling The new Surface 4 was a really good upgrade, and a real big one. More resolution in the same size, up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of HDD and Liquid Cooling . All that packaged in a device as think as this, only 8.5mm of depth. Check how the cooling works. New phones with Continuum and Liquid Cooling I know Windows only have 3% of the market on phones, and that's a bummer because we don't get to have all the apps. But now the new phones have continuum, a feature that allows using a phone as a full size computer. They also manage to get liquid cooling into a handheld device. That's a good direction. Let's just hope this new direction combined with universal apps will get more developers into the boat. A new Sur

Fixing Visual Studio 2015 Android Designer with Xamarin

While using Visual Studio 2015 to edit and android layout file ( axml ) I got this error:   The installed Android SDK is too old. Version 24.3.4 or newer is required The number version might be different in your case. Here are a few possible causes for the error: 1) You actually need to upgrade your Android SDK. 2) You have the wrong path for the Android SDK installation on Visual Studio. (change it on Tools->Options->Xamarin) 3) Mixed Xamarin extensions (this was my case) After reinstalling the Android SDK and checking the everything was fine on that part I went to check on Visual Studio extensions ( Tools -> Extensions and Updates ). It turns out that  I caused a mix up of versions, since I already had Xamarin and Visual Studio 2013 side by side. and now 2015 had another one, my Visual Studio 2015 ended up with 2 extensions for Xamarin. Disabling one of them solved the problem and the designer was working again. The one that I disabled was titled "Get