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NET Core, Java and Open Source

We need to talk about it How open is .NET Core and C#? How does it compare to a platform like Java? Well... let's see. Disclaimer: The post is a resumed version with lots of links, so be prepared to read it in a DFS or BFS way :)  .NET Core In November 2014, The Microsoft team announced that " NET Core is Open Source " Included C# and Visual Basic compilers Visual F#   ASP.NET Core Entity Framework Core NET Core Framework   In 2015, Microsoft releases Visual Studio Code , a cross-platform multi-language IDE.  All these released under an Open Source license. The MIT License . NET Core runs in Windows, Linux, Mac and ARM-based systems (IoT) Docker support existing Java Originally made open source by Sun in 2006 Released under GPLv2 CE license . The CE clause allows it to be used in a more restrictive scenario.  Oracle has a different licensing schema for "Enterprise Java". While the OpenJDK is still safe (and should remain so) Ente