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Red blinking issue on Microsoft Display Dock

Red blinking light? Check the power supply cord. I just got my Microsoft Display Dock courtesy of MS after pre-ordering a Lumia 950XL. But after the first attempt I just got a red blinking light on the front and nothing more. The phone won't recognize it and the display connected would just go to sleep. After playing with it a bit I realized the USB-C connector on the dock's power supply (identical to the "fast charger")  was a bit loose. I then compared to the one that came with the 950XL and voilĂ !  See the difference below. Left: Adapter from the 950xl box | Right: Adapter from the Display Dock Since it is shorter (manufacturer error? bad batch? who knows...)  the adapter packaged with the Display Dock won't reach the connector properly. However, it will fit in and charge the 950XL perfectly. I think one of the reasons is the thick casing in the Microsoft Display Dock. Check it out. The case is sturdy and thick. So if you happen to have a Micros