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The lambdas, the anonymous and the events

Combining lambdas, anonymous methods and events feels natural in C#, and we use them almost as a reflex, they help us to create closures and avoid creating state variables outside the scope of our methods or passing extra state data through event calls. But one thing that come with events is the fact that writing good applications implies making good use of the resources, meaning we have to dispose those we no longer need. When using events with lambdas and anonymous methods, is possible to forget about that, thus writing code that is not efficient and prone to crashes. Will start this 2-part series talking about the subscribe/unsubscribe behavior. Subscribe/Unsubscribe lambdas and anonymous methods Let's begin with a basic scenario using events in a single-thread context for now; just to keep it simple. The code fragment below contains the HelloEventArgs implementation as well as the publisher class MyClassWithEvents . public class HelloEventArgs:EventArgs {