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The value of your opinion

I have published apps and games for Microsoft Windows Phone, and I update them in a regular basis. Most of the time is because a bug is found, sometimes is a new feature or just because I am trying something new. It helps to keep things moving and people thank you for that. However, I never had to protect an app or a game from human stupidity. Until now . Software developers learn  over time how to deal with the final user - in some measure - and I must admit is not easy; as programmers we are not trained to deal with them, is usually another person's job. But when it comes to phone/tablet apps, that individual is you, because as an 'indie' developer you are too close to the complete production line. I classify the users like this: The happy mute The unhappy mute The fan The hater The stupid The mute ones... There are always people that either like or don't like your app or website, or tool, but they just don't say anything. This is good and b