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JustMock and "Failed to initialize coreCLR" on RC2

Unable to start the process. Failed to initialize CoreCLR, HRESULT: 0x80131500 I just installed ASP.NET Core RC2 and was able to get it working from the command line, on some new basic tests projects. But when I tried to do it from Visual Studio I got the following error.  If I tried to run "dotnet" in a console opened from Visual Studio, I would get the same error. So the issue was that something was off for the VS configuration/environment.  After verifying that "dotnet" was able to run perfectly everywhere else I took into the task of comparing the environment variables (dichotomically, of course). One particular variable made the difference: "JUSTMOCK_INSTANCE=XXXXX", so that lead me to notice that JustMock was interfering with it somehow.  So, if you use JustMock just turn it off for RC2 projects. (No need to uninstall it, just disable the profiler)

NODE.js fs.readFile and the BOM marker

Working on a ReactJS project, got a small glitch while trying to read a JSON file and parse it as a javascript object. getDataObject() { var dataString = fs.readFileSync("./json/data.json", "utf8"); return JSON.parse(dataString); } output:   SyntaxError: Unexpected token   After checking, double and triple checking again that the file was correct I went deeper and realized that "fs.readFileSync" was returning me the BOM for the UTF file at the beginning of the string. So we just need to strip it out. getDataObject() { var dataString = fs.readFileSync("./json/data.json", "utf8"); return JSON.parse(dataString.replace(/^\uFEFF/, "")); } I then checked and there are "packages" for this, however I don't think is proper to just import a new dependency just to fix something this small. The big issue here is why is this considered correct. The BOM is not