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Two notes on Mixed security warnings

When deploying and testing websites that use secure connections (SSL)  we might get warnings about non secure content on the page. This is usually an easy thing to fix. Just find a tool like "Fiddler" and find out what traffic is going over a regular HTTP (non secure) channel. Sometimes even a simple FIND over the code will let you find those "unsecured" elements. But that's not enough if you refer some javascript or refer a link over SSL that then does some non-SSL redirection.  Each browser has a similar way to show you how secure you are on a website. Google Chrome shows website security indicators (icons) that will appear next to your site URL in the toolbar. The first one (1) is just a regular site with no SSL, and we want number (2) the green one, you should avoid the other ones. Now two notes on that. Google Ads Don't use Google Adsense on your website if you use SSL and you care about your site not showing any warning, the ads will b

Using WPConnect instead of Zune for Windows Phone development

Sometimes you get so used to do something everyday that you don't appreciate how much time it saves you. So in this entry I want to go back to the basics and comment on something I had been asked many times. I remember the times where we used Active Sync to connect Windows Mobile devices, is was not that hard but it could get tricky some times, depending if the device was connected via USB or Wi-Fi, emulators via  DMA and more. And to be honest, it was not that long ago. Fortunately the new Microsoft Windows Phone 7 series does this in a pretty easy way. Zune Besides being used to download apps, musics, podcasts or to sync content between the computer and the device. The Zune software is what we can easily use to "hook up" your device with your Visual Studio and deploy apps to your phone. If you are a registered developer at Microsoft Marketplace just connect your unlocked/activated phone. Run Zune if not setup to auto-start. Then on the Visual Studio just  select