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Emergent Architecture is not a thing

Emergent architecture is a term I heard for the first time from a coworker a while ago. It was touted as a combination of agile and architecture, or perhaps as the way the shiny term "architecture" was inserted into something as face paced as Scrum, or as a way for the company justify not having architects, but to put it plainly, it's not a thing. There are a few things wrong with it... conceptually.  I have read a lot about it, looking for any source of information I could, presentations, blogs, some links here and there, and I could not find a solid base for what they claimed it was, or any reason for it to be claimed as a thing, except for the need to name something with "architecture" on it. Agile is a methodology, Scrum is a method, if you want to know a bit more about the difference just hit Wikipedia . They are related to  how to build software.  Now, architecture, is about structure, is about what you build. You can reach that structure with any me

NET Core, Java and Open Source

We need to talk about it How open is .NET Core and C#? How does it compare to a platform like Java? Well... let's see. Disclaimer: The post is a resumed version with lots of links, so be prepared to read it in a DFS or BFS way :)  .NET Core In November 2014, The Microsoft team announced that " NET Core is Open Source " Included C# and Visual Basic compilers Visual F#   ASP.NET Core Entity Framework Core NET Core Framework   In 2015, Microsoft releases Visual Studio Code , a cross-platform multi-language IDE.  All these released under an Open Source license. The MIT License . NET Core runs in Windows, Linux, Mac and ARM-based systems (IoT) Docker support existing Java Originally made open source by Sun in 2006 Released under GPLv2 CE license . The CE clause allows it to be used in a more restrictive scenario.  Oracle has a different licensing schema for "Enterprise Java". While the OpenJDK is still safe (and should remain so) Ente