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The Loan Calculator App

Few days ago I added a new App to my inventory on Windows Phone Marketplace. The Loan Calculator app was just something I needed when I was in a hunt for a car (still am). The thing is I wanted to keep it simple. Just input the numbers and see the total, how much, for how long, you know.. just the FINAL number. Which is what car dealers will never give upfront, because they always play that 101 psychology thing on you. So I built this app using the common formula that you can see around in many websites. The idea is pretty simple, just input the data and get the total final price and the monthly installments. As an extra you can also see how the amortization for the loan plays along time. Check it out, assume we want to calculate the final price for a car that cost 25k, we will put a  10% down payment, 2.5k, with an APR of 3.0%, and with a loan term of 3 years. Just enter the data and hit "Calculate" Then we just get the summary result with the final cost, se