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It's not RESTFul, but does it matter?

Quite too often we see discussion about what is and what is not REST, some developers excitedly discuss about REST purity. However, does it actually matter? Do you need that level of "purity"? I personally think that it does not and will try to explain why, although I am already convinced that will fail on my attempt. REST means REpresentational State Transfer, and while almost everybody will tell you that is not necessarily  related to HTTP (and technically isn't), in reality, it is, and that's a fact. So when we apply it to our Web Services, we have our new REST APIs or RESTful APIs mixed with HTTP flavors. Also consider that they do not conform a protocol, or a specification, is an architectural style. So, technically, they are a set of conventions and guidelines and not an actual set of unbreakable rules (like a protocol).   But they are great, RESTful, REST-like, almost RESTful APIs are all great. I have been writing and playing with APIs since aroun