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Hello Thanos: static web app with azure function

We are going to create a plain HTML+JS static web app with an Azure Function as backend API, and by "plain" I mean no framework like React, Angular, or Vue, but will use Bootstrap and JQuery. It will be a simple app with  2 input fields and 1 button. You will enter your name and last name and the app will say "hello" to Thanos and let you know if Thanos snapped you or not (Because you should not talk to the mad titan without permission). We are going to use ReCaptcha V3 to prevent abuse and a bootstrap form with client-side validation before sending the data back to the azure function. #1 Create the app from Visual Studio Code Let's create a "custom" framework static web app following these instructions , then add a /src folder and place a basic index.html file there with the text "hello world". Just make sure you use /src as "source path" and leave "build path" empty. You can confirm paths are correct by opening the GitHu

The case for a 4 week sprint

Every time we talk about SCRUM, the length of the sprint is stated as a period of "two to four weeks", rarely, however, have I seen people going outside of the 2 weeks. This is not written on stone of course, and while 3 weeks might seems odd, there is a benefit to using a longer period for your sprints.  Image is taken from Without any hard data to back that decision, the answer I get from asking about this decision seems to be related to "delivery speed", we assume that because we deliver value to the business every 2 weeks, we are in a more "agile" environment. Well, that might not be so true in every sense or for every project. Let's break some arguments: 1. Sprint length is not equal to the speed of delivery There is more to the speed of development and delivery than the timeframe of the delivery cycle, in a world with DevOps and full CI/CD implemented for your project, you could (should?) actually deliver features every single day all t