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When somebody changes my code...

Well, initially I might get upset, but only if they break something. But here I am not talking a team member changing your code... No... that's OK This blog entry is about that 'non-deterministic' behavior that sometimes happens to 'us' while developing software and all of the sudden something does not work as it 'should' be. Who does not hate that kind of bugs right? This example is a real case scenario using Telerik components in a web application. Consider the following piece of ASPX code, I have placed a button and a label, the button 's click event in code-behind event will change the value of the label. Pretty simple right? Just a button with a javascript confirmation dialog before performing the page's post back. Now lets 'ajaxify' this... Using the new ajaxified code now have pretty much same effect, except we are not performing a full page post back, but only updating elements inside the UpdatePanel control. But what if I