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To be or not to be: A real app.

App is the new black, everyone talks about downloading, buying or selling apps, advertising about them is everywhere. The phone manufacturers have marketplaces and stores where phone users can get get those "apps". We all know the term app is short from application. If this term was coined because was easier or because of a marketing strategy I don't know. But it is catchy, and so we will use it. But to be exact on term, int this case it means "mobile application". Otherwise any program would be an app right? But exactly what is an "app",  really ?  Third-party programs running on mobile is not something new at all, for  more than 10 years we had Java Midlets for almost any kind of cell phone, and I myself programmed for years for the Pocket PC and Windows Mobile, using either eVC, eVB, and later any .NET language like C# or VB.NET by using the .NET Compact Framework (.NET CF). And all those were actually apps . So, if is not new, why the boom