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New programming book published on Amazon

After a relatively long hiatus as a writer, I finally completed a new milestone. I co-authored a programming book and published it on Amazon. I must say I am glad that we finally completed it; while it was a fun and rewarding journey, it was a long one and it took a lot of time, effort, and coordination. 

The book is in Spanish, and it's 500+ pages long.

Title: "Empiece a Programar. Un enfoque multiparadigma con C#"
Format: Paperback

The title translates to "Begin programming. A multi-paradigm approach with C#". The book is written in Spanish, not only because all the authors are native speakers of the language, but also because we believe that the Spanish-speaking community deserves a fresh new book; instead of a translated one.

We used C# throughout the book in order to teach programming, and we travel from the simple "Hello World" snippet to arrays, data structures, dynamic programming, recursion, inheritance, SOLID principles, functional programming, and concurrency - among other subjects - across 17 chapters.  

Every chapter is loaded with code examples, detailed explanations, and images to help the learning process. It's aimed at engineering and/or programming students, and even though the material is tailored for beginners, it can also be useful by more senior developers wanting to deepen their knowledge of programming.  

Here are the links to buy the book:


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