Why this new Microsoft is impressive

The last Microsoft event on October 6 showed a few surprises, let me explain you why this is impressive and why I think the new Nadella direction at MS is different. Iris Scanner, Liquid Cooling, Continuum...

A new Surface 4 tablet with Liquid Cooling
The new Surface 4 was a really good upgrade, and a real big one. More resolution in the same size, up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of HDD and Liquid Cooling. All that packaged in a device as think as this, only 8.5mm of depth.

Check how the cooling works.

New phones with Continuum and Liquid Cooling

I know Windows only have 3% of the market on phones, and that's a bummer because we don't get to have all the apps. But now the new phones have continuum, a feature that allows using a phone as a full size computer. They also manage to get liquid cooling into a handheld device. That's a good direction. Let's just hope this new direction combined with universal apps will get more developers into the boat.

A new Surface Book.

Think got even crazier when MS announced this product, I think is safe to say that nobody saw it coming. A new powerful laptop hybrid (although expensive) and a crazy beautiful product. Looks like Microsoft is finally putting good design in combination with good specs in an effort to gain the consumer market.

That's impressive, right?

A new line of products, beautiful and powerful. New technologies like continuum, iris scanner and liquid cooling in devices so thin and small. New redesigned products like the new Band or the new Pen for Surface. This is a new MS, way different than the one that created the Zune. 

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